Extended Fleet

Extended Fleet

Stretch Limousines, Carriages, Nostalgic Buses, VIP Limos

A wide Range of Vehicles – also for larger Groups and Operations

Trabi-XXL Berlin Stretchlimousinen

VW Bus Stretchlimousine

For up to 8 guests.
Original VW T3 Bus Limousine, Luxuary meets classic.
The VW Bus Limo for a really big appearance.

1st hour from 270, – €; each additional hour from 160, – €

We are gladly at your disposal for all questions and appointment reservations at any time.

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DDR Oldtimer Minibus Barkas

For up to 7 People

For Weddings, City Tours, Parties, JGAs, Family Celebrations and much More.

Trabi-XXL Berlin Stretchlimousinen
Trabi-XXL Berlin Stretchlimousinen

Nostalgic Robur B21 Vintage Bus

For up to 18 Passengers
Original VEB Robur – Werke Zittau, GDR (German Democratic Republic)

For Weddings or e.g. the Wedding Party while the Bride and groom Drives in the stretch Trabi, incentives, Shuttle Tours, Birthday Parties and much More.

Soviet UAZ Buchanka Minibus

For up to 8 Guests.

Always with a Chauffeur and City Guide.

Trabi-XXL Berlin Stretchlimousinen

Original historical Wartburg 311

For up to 3 Guests.

Top Condition, always with a Chauffeur.
For Weddings,Jubilee Weddings, Anniversaries, etc.
250 Euros per Hour including a small welcome Drink.

Trabi-XXL Berlin Stretchlimousinen
Trabi-XXL Berlin Stretchlimousinen

Group Events with different (n)ostalgic Vehicles

Stretch-Trabis, Trabis, Barkas, W50, Wartburg etc.

Depending on the Group Size and Requirements, the special Trip!

City Rallies, Trabi Safaris, Team Events, Incentives

For all Groups, the ideal, happy and unique Combination.

Offers according to the individual Scope / Requirements of the Events.

Trabi-XXL Berlin Stretchlimousinen
Trabi-XXL Berlin Stretchlimousinen

Class Enemy Limos

Hummer, Chrysler, Lincoln (different versions),
for up to 8 Euests each.

Tiffany Classic Car

Including Chauffeur and for up to 3 Passengers,
also ideal for Weddings.

210, – €, 1st hour; 160, – € each additional Hour
No Travel and Departure costs in Berlin.

Trabi-XXL Berlin Stretchlimousinen


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